Nato Caliph Presents "The Build" at Blank Space

Omar O'Hara
A still From Nato Caliph's "Polarity" video shoot at Kayak Coffee.

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"Your music is not for everybody. Artists need that wake-up call. It's hard to believe, but that's a fact," says hip-hop artist Nato Caliph. "Focus on making quality music for the people that want to hear it, and that will spread itself. That's the reality, but that's what makes it beautiful."

Whether he's writing for new tracks or booking shows, Nato stays humble, with a strong sense of community. That humility shows in the poster for his next show, on which his name sits at the very bottom, despite his role as its main promoter. Catch him, along with ten-plus additional performers, at The Build at Blank Space on Saturday, April 26.

For all his work in the local hip-hop scene, Nato might be too modest -- not that he should be. He has been writing and recording for nearly twenty years. Starting as a teenager, he took his poetry to paper and even rap battle, cutting his teeth on rhymes of raw skill.

"For me, I've always sought music that had knowledge -- that dealt with wisdom and understanding. We should know what's going on, do the right thing, and see the bigger picture," he says. Though his music reflects a mature approach, Nato has kept those values in mind from the beginning.

"I think it boils down to having knowledge of self. If you know who you are and what you want, you're not relying on people to tell you what's good. You're your own tastemaker," Nato elaborates. "What you listen to and what you create should be totally different. You can tell who's easily influenced by what's trendy by how they sound in their music."

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Blank Space

2847 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

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I agree with this 100%. Nato is one of the most humble people and artist that I have had the pleasure to know. His music stays true to the art of hip hop and its message, not only that he stays true to the art of hip hop. He truly practices what he preaches. His focus is never on self. While other artists that I have met have goals on celebrity, his is on longevity. I believe that's why he's become a true legend for St Louis. Since I discovered his music some years ago he is never once try to be the main in the limelight, and as far as my opinion is conerned he shines brighter than most. His message has always been present in his music and it never strays from it. He does not let mainstream or others opinions distract him from that. As a man and an artist, he has my utmost respect. Move...

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