Oneohtrix Point Never on Gimmicky Visuals: "Electronic Music Has a Built-In Shame Aspect"

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By "we," Oneohtrix's lone composer refers to artist Nate Boyce, whose psychedelic videos are now a permanent fixture of the OPN live presentation.

"I try to illustrate that Nate is in OPN," Lopatin says. "He is just as much a part of OPN as I am at this point. To me, it's ideal. Sometimes, he's not able to make shows and I'll recalibrate for solo. Largely, though, the intent of an OPN performance is dependent on us being onstage together."

And ultimately, Lopatin's approach to presenting multimedia stimuli may be understood as less to do with simple entertainment and more to do with open-ended experimentation.

"We don't necessarily think of ourselves as 'live musicians' or whatever," the Oneohtrix mastermind admits. "It's more of an experience. Like, if you walk around a sculpture, you can see it from all these different angles, depending on where you are in the room.

"I didn't want to create an experience that was just about sound. It's very narrative in a way. But it's totally cryptic."


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