Outkast's Do-Over Recaptures the Spirit of '99

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Much like Wild Thing Vaughn recapturing himself at the end of Major League II, this was the Andre that dazzled Coachella, while Big Boi was his usual steady self. From the beginning of "B.O.B.," the energy that was lacking the week before was definitely present. Both seemed happy to be onstage, together, and fed off each other's energy. Instead of being frustrated by the sound problems of a week ago, everything was ironed out. That goes for "Ms. Jackson," which was cut by a sound problem last week, and even "Skew It on the Bar-B," which sounded solid sans the Chef.

So maybe the sky isn't falling for Outkast and the hyped reunion just fell victim to a false start. Is this version of Outkast better than the one of a decade ago? Probably not. But at least the two performers took steps necessary to remind people why they were so important to begin with.


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