St. Louis Record Store Day 2014: A Comprehensive Guide

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Jon Gitchoff

2) Euclid Records Record Store Day Weekend
Live Music Schedule
Friday, April 18
5 p.m. Willy Vlautin (of Richmond Fontaine)
6 p.m. The Feed
7 p.m. Big Brother Thunder & the Master Blasters
8 p.m. The Company She Keeps

Saturday, April 19
9:30 a.m. Grace Basement
10:30 a.m. Edward Burch
11 a.m. Supe Granda (Ozark Mountain Daredevils)
noon: Fumer 
1 p.m. Middle Class Fashion
2 p.m. Bible Belt Sinners
2 p.m. Bella & Lily
3 p.m. The Minus Five
3:30 p.m. Schwervon!
4 p.m. Sleepy Kitty
5 p.m. The Adoring Heirs
6 p.m. Soma Jet Set
7 p.m. Bottle Rockets


Pabst Blue Ribbon
Stag Beer
Highway 61 Roadhouse

Reasons not to miss it: Euclid's two-day live music schedule resembles a mini-festival, with sets by out-of-towners the Minus Five, Schwervon! and the bassist from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils ("Jackie Blue," still one of the 1970s' spookiest hits), as well as some of the city's best bands.

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kangoids topcommenter

OK, that Euclid photo isn't a "slight", it's just misleading.

Should have used a shot of the current store. 

jodie whitworth
jodie whitworth

It's also The Heavy Anchor's 3 year anniversary! Free show at 9pm

KittyLitterKing topcommenter

C'mon guys, can't you show an updated photo of Euclid Records?  I know they are outside the city limits, but they've put together a great RSD line-up.


@KittyLitterKing  That photo is from last year's RSD event that the store held, as are the ones of the other stores. There was no slight intended.

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