The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows: April 2014

Categories: DIY

This is how all flyers should look, detail-wise.

Apop Record Store Day Party (w/ Bruiser Queen, Fister, Life Like, Liquor Lord, Better Days, WIld Hex, Braining, What We Won't See, Wax Fruit, Execution Techniques, & Shitstorm)
April 19
12 p.m./Free

This is the party to attend if you are a drunk music nerd. You can buy mile-long list of rare RSD releases, tuck them away in your car and get drunk on Cherokee Street while bands play all day long. The lineup spans all the genres a subculture music dork could ask for, too.

Backslider's new LP Consequences crushes bones to bits

Backslider, Shaved Women, Life Like, the Warden @ CBGB
April 24
9 p.m./$5

This show will be brimming with the meanest riffs in town. Who wants to take turns guessing which band's singer will come the closest to bleeding/sweating/dying of exhuastion? Philadelphia's Backslider is stopping off on south Grand to challenge STL DIY to good ol' fashioned anger contest. The band is top-tier fast, hardcore punk and Philadelphia is one of our best sister cities, covered in garbage, drugs and morons looking to have good times in basements/dive bars. Let's give 'em a hell of a welcome to Nellyville.

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