The Best St. Louis Punk/Hardcore Shows: April 2014

Categories: DIY

Stoic Violence, No, Cardiac Arrest, Rüz @ Ask A Punk
April 28
9 p.m./$5

Hey, you guys! This is Ashley Hohman's (Self Help/Voight-Kampff/ex-Doom Town/Queen of DJs) birthday party! What better gift than a big sweaty dogpile of DIY boys and gals in an undisclosed basement? Stoic Violence is gonna spend its second stop in town putting out birthday candle fires. No came all the way form the goddamn UK to smash cupcakes/glass at this. What better way to end the month than trying to figure if that's blood or icing on your newest distro T-shirt? Also, Cardiac Arrest's new LP will be even closer to done, maybe? Possibly? Come slam to their brand new set after all these years.


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