The Minus 5's Scott McCaughey Talks Baseball, Uncle Tupelo and Trusting Your Friends

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That spirit of spontaneity also informs McCaughey's other principal band, the Baseball Project, a collaboration with Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate and the Miracle 3), Mike Mills, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon (long-time drummer with Wynn's Miracle 3). This spring, McCaughey and company released their third collection, simply titled 3rd. It's proof of how far a genuinely collaborative endeavor can go, and it's a testament to the inexhaustible resource of stories, characters, humor and conflicts that is our national pastime.

"The sport goes back 150 years as well," McCaughey says. "Every day for six months out of the year, there are more stories coming out that can be inspiring and make us want to write about them. There's that huge expanse of baseball past that we've mined greatly, and there's the baseball future that's thrown things at us every year. In the past, we've done more obscure players and events, but on this record I thought it would be OK to write a song about Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron. They're icons. But then you have Steve [Wynn] writing about Larry Yount, who appeared in one major league game and never even threw a pitch. So there's a pretty broad spectrum there. I've been into baseball my whole life, but now I've gotten even more geeky and even more into it than I ever was before."


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