The Ready Room in the Grove: First Look

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Mabel Suen
Owner/talent buyer Mike Cracchiolo and managing partner Laura Sisul.
On the morning of its inaugural show featuring indie-rockers Of Montreal, the Ready Room still wasn't quite ready to fill its 800-capacity space with its first set of guests -- yet. Staff worked diligently to install the vital finishing touches for the stage's debut show, including sets of colorful lights and the house PA, before opening the doors for Of Montreal's stop in town last night.

"We basically got the best possible sound system for this size space," says Ready Room talent buyer/owner Mike Cracchiolo. "We tested it out and it sounds great only cranked up to three."

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And while they won't have to turn it up to eleven, the Ready Room certainly comes equipped to do so. As reported last November, the spacious set-up at the venue, decked out in a teal-and-gray color scheme, can house 800 guests -- twice the capacity of Cracchiolo's seasoned Midtown venue, the Firebird.

Mabel Suen
Putting the finishing touches on the bar.

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We sent photographer Jason Stoff to the Ready Room's inaugural show last night, featuring Of Montreal. Here are the photos he brought back:

Jason Stoff

Jason Stoff

Jason Stoff

Jason Stoff

Jason Stoff

More photos of the new club, as well as the Ready Room's current concert schedule follow.

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