The Schwag Returns to the Stage with Jimmy Tebeau, Fresh Out of Prison

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Jennifer Silverberg
Jimmy Tebeau

Daniel Hill: Has the Schwag performed since Jimmy got locked up?

Sean Allen Canan: Twice the band played with fill-in musicians to benefit the Tebeau family.

So how long was Jimmy in lockup?

About a year.

And how did he get out so early? What is the situation that prompted that?

Good behavior and completing a program called RDAP, which lead to a sentence reduction.

Have you guys practiced together yet?

We've gotten together a couple of times now, and the band is sounding better than ever.

How does it feel to be back together on the stage again?

The band has such a unique vibe and energy. Interpreting the music of the GD catalog is very thrilling for us. It will certainly be a joyous occasion to get back in front of the Schwag family! You know, half of the songs that the Dead played were classics from the great American songbook. Be it Chuck Berry rockers, Motown staples, classic country or traditional folk tunes. It really doesn't get much more American than the Grateful Dead!

Any surprises planned?

Aside from Jimmy still having his wizardly beard and dreads, there will be several new songs from the GD catalog that the band has never performed together.


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Linda Hose-Hicks
Linda Hose-Hicks

AWESOME.... WELCOME BACK MY FRIEND!!!! To the show that never ends.

Donald LaMacchia
Donald LaMacchia

Welcome back Jimmy, still talk about the Purple Haze / Green Acres cover you did at that party wayyyy back in college. lol

Jody KGrone
Jody KGrone

Nathan Danger Faatz Wendy Faatz Rhawn Soberts

Justin M Politte
Justin M Politte

Well if you know he got screwed, instead of saying "whoop dee do" (which implies 'hater' lol), maybe some respect would be better. I've never been to Schwag, nor even heard the band. However, you could smell corruption all over his situation. I feel sorry for the guy. And so what. He found a way to get and make money. Just because you didnt think it was "real" anymore, doesn't mean it wasn't for other's. Just being real. Why do people think every thing, person, place, etc needs their validation? People are soo quick to condemn, instead of lifting up. How about we all be realists. Just realize, your real, may not be someone else's. :)

Justin M Politte
Justin M Politte

LMFUCKINGASSO Steve Reinken, is that you playing the guitar, in the pic?

Justin M Politte
Justin M Politte

He should have never went to prison. The government fucked him. And stole the land, personal belongings, and finances for their own personal gain. The US government, true terrorist thugs, when it comes to Land and Money.

Jeep Naaked
Jeep Naaked

"the sentencing didn't seem to faze Tebeau too much" -- what a stupid thing to say RFT.... damn.

Bart Cohn
Bart Cohn

He's the resident troll on RFT's page, pay him no mind.

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