The Worst of Coachella 2014: Weekend One

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Yes, but you should hear how long we waited in line. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff

VIP Overcrowding

We know: Poor us, suffering among the Very Important People. But it was pretty damn crowded in there this year. There were so many people in the stage viewing area that getting a glimpse of the stage itself was damn near impossible. In the end, many there likely felt they made a Very Idiotic Purchase. -Nate Jackson

Morons Filming During Neutral Milk Hotel

It was no surprise when it was announced Neutral Milk Hotel wasn't allowing photography at Coachella this year; frontman Jeff Mangum has made the same request at every show since returning to the public eye. To drive home the point, this announcement was made on the loud speakers before its set, and again by Mangum himself. You don't need more than a working knowledge of the band to know that Mangum is introverted and sensitive, and, by some accounts, suffers from crippling stage fright. But there's one (or ten) in every crowd who don't think the rules apply to them. You're so cool for shitting on the sole request made by an influential artist after his decade-long hiatus. I hope your Instagram likes were worth it. -Taylor Hamby

Timothy Norris

Waiting for Outkast

Outkast was originally slated to start at 11:30 p.m. on Friday night, but then organizers bumped it up to just after 11. So that's when everyone showed up, but we stood around for some 45 minutes, shoulder-to-shoulder near the Coachella Stage soundboard, being jostled by the aggro-bros doggedly weaving toward the front. What was happening? Well, the tech crew spent at least half of that time trying to get what looked like a giant red sheet on top of the cube thing Outkast performed inside of. But they couldn't do it, so we sat there like dopes. Maybe they should have ironed all of this out in the dress rehearsal?-Adam Lovinus

Pulling the Plug

This made Outkast's late start doubly irritating -- at 1 a.m. sharp, Outkast's mics were cut, right at the start of what would have been an awesome final song: "The Whole World," featuring Killer Mike as a special guest. But just when Mike arrived onstage (presumably after flying here especially for the occasion), it was all over. Also on our shit list: Future, who spent what felt like an extra ten minutes talking about (and performing from) his new album. -Nate Jackson


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