The Ten Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: April 18 to 20

Nathan Brown
w/ Satan's God, Terra Caput Mundi
@ Lemmons
8:30 p.m. | $5
Texan Nathan Brown stopped into town last summer, performing his original '80s soundtrack music in the vein of Beverly Hills Cop and Top Gun. This time around, he brings Satan's God with him, a guy he claims "has been banned in most of the places he's played and caused lots of controversy and trouble due to his antics and props used." Legend has it that the above viral video of a house show gone awry happened somewhere in south county. (MS)

The Heavy Anchor's Three-Year Anniversary
w/ The Driftaways, Tasi, Belagroove
@ The Heavy Anchor
5 p.m. | free
Heavy Anchor is three! Celebrate with them at this free show, full of local talent. (DH)

Native Lights
w/ Tone Rodent, Bastard & the Crows
@ Melt
8:30 p.m. | $5
Local psych-rock wielders Tone Rodent release a split 7" out on Boxing Clever Records with Bastard and the Crows. Tulsa's Native Lights joins the party. Check out some of its tracks on Bandcamp. (MS)

A Tribute to Prince
w/ Ransom Note, Steve Ewing Band, Superhero Killer, Mo Egeston & CoCo, Theresa Payne
@ The Gramophone
9:30 p.m. | $15
Few artists are so deserving of a tribute show as the Purple One. Somebody better play "Pussy Control," because he won't anymore. (DH)

Via Dove EP Release
w/ Bear Hive, Last to Show First to Go
@ Off Broadway
9 p.m. | $5
Pick up Via Dove's latest EP, Fugue State, as well as the band's entire back catalog -- for free -- at this show. That's right, everything the band has ever released, for free! Can't beat that. (DH)

Also on Saturday, check out Rulers' LP release at Plush, Awesome Force at Livery Company and Sidewalk Chalk at Kranzberg Arts Center.

One more for the road: Ghost gets weird at the Pageant this Sunday. Don't miss it.

Note: Though we wish we could, we can't feature every great show happening in town in just one measly post. Peruse the St. Louis concert calendar for more ideas any time. Let everyone know what else you're looking forward to seeing this weekend in the comments below, and submit show info online any time to be considered for inclusion on these lists.


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