Twelve Must-See Music Videos from St. Louis Hip-Hop Artists

Categories: Hip-Hop

Bo Dean featuring LZ "Track 2"

If you've never witnessed Bo and LZ perform this song live, then you've probably never been to a local hip-hop show. A crowd favorite from the duo, this video is a compilation of performance footage, featuring appearances by the SOGL crew and a slew of their supporters. The video perfectly translates the energy of the performance, and if you look close enough, you'll see a cameo from the Foot Klan's DJ Spec in the background toward the end.

iLLPHONiCs feat Tiffany Elle and Glitch Factor "Sundown"

iLLPHONiCs is one of the city's best hip-hop bands. All live everything, all the time. This is a large record ,overflowing with pleasing sounds. The video makes me want to do a bunch of drugs, drift off into the night and get into a bunch of troublesome situations. It's intriguing enough to hold your attention and flashy enough to make you want to dance and party the night away. iLLPHONiCs is always money in the bank.

The Domino Effect "Berlinetta"

This video might be my favorite on the list. I'm quickly becoming a superfan of this group, which murdered the stage at SXSW this year.The beat is sick, and the subject matter is layered. The video is just flat-out weird and interesting. I think you'll find yourself clicking play on this one more than once, due to its double-layered messages and sublime punchlines.

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