Twelve Must-See Music Videos from St. Louis Hip-Hop Artists

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Indiana Rome "Prime Time"

This song is a certified crowd favorite and the performance video makes it all the better. Indiana Rome is currently working on a new EP entitled Dope Dealer and you can catch him in action at his Funeral Fresh concert series. If you're looking for energy, swagger, lyricism and music you can just bounce around and have a good time to, look no further. The track is produced by and features Vega Heartbreak (the genius mind behind the original Cardinals Rally song). Indiana Rome is a true sleeper; take time to dive deeper into his universe.

Heir Jordin "Proud History"
Directed by Nick Menn, Semir, Rt-Faq

Heir Jordin is the son of RT-Faq from Doorway (RFT's Best Hip-Hop group in 2013). This video was released the last week of Black History Month and quickly went viral. Heir Jordin was featured on hundreds of popular blogs. This started out as a school history project and in the blink of an eye it turned into an adorable internet craze. I know Jordin personally -- he's never been afraid of the stage and has likely rocked larger crowds than a handful of your favorite local rappers. He's a brilliant, talented kid with a bright future indeed.

Prince Ea "I Know Who Killed Hip-Hop"

Prince Ea is no stranger to controversy in the name of real lyricism. This reminds me of a newer version of Ras Kass' "Soul On Ice." The Michael Jackson call in the beginning of this video started off as its very own Internet hoax -- no one had a clue that this music video and the hoax would eventually be connected, and many online conspiracy theorists were duped. The video is a part of an ongoing saga -- the sequel is yet to be released. Keep your eyes open for the badass cameo from Hopsin at the end.

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