Twelve Must-See Music Videos from St. Louis Hip-Hop Artists

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Black Spade "Nobody's Fool"

Not long ago, Black Spade left St. Louis for New York and lived there for a while. While he was there he partnered with Converse, and together they put out an amazing music video to a previously unreleased record about revolution and anarchy. You'll find yourself watching it back-to-back on repeat and catching things you didn't peep on the original rip. This one doesn't really need much of an explanation; the video itself is like a mini-movie. This song should have been the theme to Hunger Games, if you ask me.

Nick Menn "Hero Inside"

Doorway member Nick Menn has taken a stance against heroin with his new foundation Hero Inside, started in honor of his deceased friends. This track, which carries the foundation's name, originated as a freestyle over a Kendrick Lamar beat. Menn later recorded the vocals over an original production, and now uses it as his mission statement against the growing influence of heroin in his Fairview Heights, Illinois, community. The video is crispy and moving; check out the cameo from St. Louis' very own Chicago hip-hop transplant Icy Mike as the heroin addict.

T-Dubb-O "Out the Way"

This video serves as a healthy reminder of the wild and rambunctious energy provided by T-Dubb-O and his Mobstar mixtape series. You just don't hear this type of lyrical creativity coming from the average St. Louis street rapper. The video is simplistic, but it sets the tone for the bars he's throwing straight at your head. If you like quotables and jaw-dropping punchlines that will cause you hit the rewind button, then this is for you.


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