Ultra 2014 Superlatives: Grumpiest Cat, Most Revealing Raver, and More!

Categories: EDM

Photo by George Martinez

Best Place to Meet Your New Gay Boyfriend: Carl Cox Tent
No, we're not saying the Carl Cox tent is the best place to snag your next homosexual partner because it's got the word "Cox" in it. It's because Carl Cox is playing inside! House music is the erotic elixir of the gay community. This is where muscles come to find romance.


Baddest Bitch
OK, no clue how old this lady is, but she's looking fierce as fuck! Dude, one day, we plan on having a bod as smoking hot as this woman's. Lord have mercy! And the way she's working that lace? We bow down before you, most mature babe at Ultra. We'll even figure out how to use a treadmill if you make us your disciple.


Finest Use of Feathers
Miami's Cuci Amador of Afrobeta (which performed this year again) is one of the most flawless dressers in the state of Florida. Amador never falters. This Ultra, she brought the feather look that was so popular to the next level. She puts parrots to shame. And on the back of the jacket is the Afrobeta logo. Un-toppable.


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