Ultra 2014 Superlatives: Grumpiest Cat, Most Revealing Raver, and More!

Categories: EDM


Most Clever Use of Symbols
You know exactly what kind of music this guy loves. He doesn't even have to shout over the jaw-chattering bass. He loves house, and we love his ability to communicate, simply and clearly.


Craziest Look
He's wearing top and bottom vampire grills. He's got on a floral blazer. All that jewelry on his head and hanging from his neck has to have been borrowed from a flapper. And those tight pink leggings? This is by far the craziest look of Ultra 2014.


Most Delicious Looking Chow
We're way to poor to buy food at a festival, but we did a ton of sniffing and eyeing of other people's munchables. And we have to say, the teriyaki chicken tent had the flyest looking meals.

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