Ultra 2014 Superlatives: Grumpiest Cat, Most Revealing Raver, and More!

Categories: EDM


Most Fabulous Gay
This is a message to all the young, almost fab queer kids out there: Follow this guy's lead! He is more than adorable in his shiny, sexy club kid fashions and Bjork-inspired hair. Love it all the way into tomorrow. Werk!

George Martinez

Most Frightening Troll
One day, children will only know trolls as those assholes who say mean things on the Internet. But we know there were hideous dolls that we were expected to collect in middle school, and those were a different kind of troll. This chick donned a modern interp of that classic monster.

Photo by George Martinez

Healthiest Raver
You can eat drugs or you can eat pineapples. This health-conscious raver chooses the fruit.

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