Jimmy Tebeau Performs First Post-Prison Show with the Schwag: Photos

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Steve Truesdell
Jimmy Tebeau, frontman of the Schwag, made his big return to the stage this Saturday at the Pageant, to the delight of the many tie-dyed fans in attendance. Tebeau finished up his prison stint in March of this year. Good behavior and a plea deal got his sentence reduced, and now Tebeau is out of the clink and staying in a halfway house in St. Louis.

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Police allege he was complicit in the open-air drug market at Camp Zoe, the 350-acre property that served as both the home of Schwagstock and where Tebeau lived with his wife and children. (The land was seized by the federal government in Tebeau's court proceedings.)

We sent photographer Steve Truesdell to the show to catch the highlights. Here are some of our favorite photos from a memorable night of fun (be sure to check out our full slideshow here):

Steve Truesdell

Steve Truesdell

Steve Truesdell

Steve Truesdell

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