Outkast, Arctic Monkeys, Cake to Headline LouFest 2014: Full Lineup Within

As completely unbiased, integrity-filled journalists, we think that the 2014 lineup is a huge step forward for LouFest -- all of these acts are rad and most are very well known. As readers know, RFT Music has been pushing for Outkast to headline LouFest for quite some time. Once the 'Kast announced in January that it would reunite for a summer festival tour, we began banging the drum to bring the duo to St. Louis. In March, Outkast was named to this year's Lollapalooza roster; because LouFest and Lolla share C3 Presents as a producer, our hopes grew even higher. Throw in the fact that LouFest had been expanding the festival each year, adding bigger acts and more stages, and we knew that the St. Louis shindig was poised to evolve into something even greater.

Last week we became giddy when we deduced a few of the bands that would be announced as part of this year's LouFest lineup (later confirmed by the festival's social-media clues). In addition to the headliners, supporting acts like Grouplove, Cake, Portugal. the Man, Kelis and Lettuce will bring depth to the Forest Park festival and showcase a wide variety of musical styles and eras.

LouFest will continue its tradition of giving local acts a major stage. We're looking forward to what St. Louis bands Old Salt Union, Pretty Little Empire and Big Brother Thunder & the MasterBlasters will bring to tens of thousands of revelers. Moreover, Dylan McDonald & the Avians have St. Louis ties, as McDonald is the son of noted singer-songwriter and St. Louis native Michael McDonald.

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