LouFest Lineup: Here Are the First Nine Bands That Will Be Announced

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Adhi Kurniawan/Wikipedia
Cake, playing LouFest this year.
Thanks to some bad website coding and an anonymous tip in our inbox, we now have the first nine bands for this year's LouFest lineup figured out. Don't worry about those lineup clues.

Here are the first nine bands that will be announced for this year's LouFest lineup:

Washed Out
Blackberry Smoke
Moon Taxi
Pretty Little Empire
Portugal the Man
San Fermin

How we know: We saw several instances of people posting cryptic comments on social media all day, in response to posts about the hints, such as "San Fermin will be the seventh clue." Then, an anonymous email arrived in my inbox, telling us what to look out for: a bug in the website's backdoor coding that revealed the band names and publish dates for each individual clue.

Here's a screenshot as an example, revealing the band Cake. There are eight others just like it, with the names of the other bands:


(Please note: If I had been told the lineup in confidence, I would have gladly kept a lid on it, but a problem on the coding side pressed the issue and was forcing it into the public eye already. It's my job to report on local music happenings, so here we are.)

LouFest's organizers have promised nine clues about the lineup to be dropped within the next few days. We found nine bands through the method described above. It seems safe to say that those nine bands will be the answers to the clues, and therefore the first nine bands announced for the festival so far.

Thanks to Mr. Anonymous for the tip!


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