Meet Ben Daniel, the Brains Behind Eclectic Indie-Rock Outfit the Uncredibles

Ben Daniel, the brains behind the Uncredibles.

What I like most about St. Louis is... its uniqueness. I've been all over, and a lot of cities don't have much to differentiate themselves from one another. St. Louis, on the other hand, has an amazing sense of uniqueness that I haven't found in many other places. The architecture is uniquely St. Louis, the food is uniquely St. Louis, the neighborhoods are uniquely St. Louis and, of course, Forest Park.

I didn't even know it didn't cost money to go to the zoo until I was an adult, because I had always gone to the Saint Louis Zoo as a kid. The same goes for all the other museums and points of interest in Forest Park -- it's an amazing resource and doesn't get the credit it deserves outside of St. Louis. Then, of course, we have one of the most beautiful theaters in the country at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. We have Laclede's Landing, the tag wall...I could go on for a while. Needless to say, even though I spend a lot of time on the road, coming back home to St. Louis is always something I look forward to.

I've learned the most from... even though I'm pretty sure I heard it come out of Robin Williams' mouth first, I would quote Hector Berlioz and say, "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."

I'm most productive when... I force myself into a corner and give myself no other option. Sometimes, I have to give myself a hard deadline to really kick myself into gear. Not some sort of arbitrary time to be finished or I'll be super disappointed and nothing else, but rather a deadline in which other people need and expect me to be finished or ready. It's amazing what you can get done when you have no other choice.

The St. Louis music scene could use... St. Louis has a lot of really great bands right now, and I mean a lot. What I don't think we have enough of is regular crowds at venues. Lots of big music towns like Nashville or Austin have people that go out to venues every night, regardless of who's playing, just to see a show. It's not unusual to play to a packed house without promoting it into the ground. St. Louis doesn't have that yet. Some days of the week are better than others, obviously, but you can promote the hell out of a show in St. Louis and end up only playing to a handful of people if it's on the wrong night in the wrong club.

The best post-show food in St. Louis is... since most local fare is closed by the time a show gets out, I'm gonna have to go with Denny's. Those banana-pecan pancakes are flippin' fantabulous!

Some of my favorite local bands are... Middle Class Fashion, Scarlet Tanager, Nee, Dots Not Feathers, Psychedelic Psychonauts, Kid Scientist, Palace, Blair Logik, Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, Syna So Pro. I know I'm forgetting lots of great bands and artists -- there's almost too many to keep up with in St. Louis right now!

The most difficult lesson I've learned while playing music is... don't take it for granted. It can be taken from you, and with very little warning. From injuring your hand(s), to blowing out your voice, to damaged hearing and all manner of things that can go wrong with you and your body that can stop you from doing what you love. I've experienced some of these over the years, and they are a truly frightening experience. In summation, wear earplugs, take voice lessons (if you're a singer) and take care of your body so you can do what you love for as long as you possibly can.

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