Tom Waits Paved the Way for Shrewd Musicians Cashing in on Literal Commercial Success

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Williams wasn't content to stop his commercial success with "Happy," though. Crazy Hat Man also granted Red Bull the rights to "Come Get It Bae" (featuring new BFF Miley Cyrus!) for an ad spotlighting the amazing things gutsy people do every day.

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The Pixies

Frank Black and friends aren't known for selling their songs for commercial use (though "Where Is My Mind" was used in that weird promotion for the Nicholas Cage movie The Weather Man). So when Apple debuted a new spot for its iPhone 5S last month, people were surprised. It was kind of cute, though, stringing together a bunch of shots of kids building Pixies song "Gigantic" through apps and instruments:

The ad was aptly titled "Powerful," and tastemakers across the country gave it a thumbs-up. There's just one problem: The song isn't really, er, kid friendly. We'll just leave this Wikipedia description of the tune here and let you decide:

The song's voyeuristic lyrics mostly revolve around a woman's observation of an attractive black man making love to another woman, culminating in the oddly light-hearted but sexual chorus: "Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic/A big, big love."

Soooooooo it's a song about a penis. Good move, Apple.


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Brandon Herges
Brandon Herges

I saw "Riverfront Times" and "Tom Waits" and started freaking out thinking he was going on tour again. Thanks for building me up only to tear me down, guys.

Val Bellers
Val Bellers

I heard gigantic playing in a gas station. Thought they were singing "a great big load"


For the record, u2 wasnt paid for the ipod commercials.  It's a fact jack


@rmcgarry  Right, they worked out a special deal where they'd appear for free and Apple would pay for production costs. But they did get royalties from the U2 iPods, a boost in music sales plus exposure that amounted to millions (billions?) of dollars.


@u2acro  Well a deal is one thing.  I am saying they did not get paid to appear in the commercial.  If no one wouldve bought the u2 ipod they wouldnt received any money.

It's like when someone appears on a late night show, their not paid for it but their paid in exposure, which hopefully turns into money

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