Pü in the Lou: Pü Fest to Debut in St. Louis This Fall

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Courtesy of Luc Michalski
While LouFest loudly and proudly announced headlining acts including Outkast and Arctic Monkeys over the past few weeks, Pü Fest concurrently confirmed its list of performers via social media. The list of acts features musicians from Washington State to Washington, D.C., including Perfect Pussy and Nervosas, names St. Louis showgoers might recognize from events in recent months.

The event also pulls in the projects of prolific St. Louis ex-pats, including Radiator Greys (Josh Levi), Spirit of Danger (Mario Viele of the Pubes and Sex Robots), Faultfinder (Don Beasley of Nerve Parade and Corbeta Corbata) and Broken Prayer (Mark Plant of Times Beach).

Additional performers include Seattle's blues-punks Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, experimental rockers the STNNNG from Minneapolis, hardcore act NERV from Iowa and Chicago noise-rockers Big'n. Meanwhile, local acts include Bug Chaser, Demonlover, Eric Hall and Yowie.

"I think the real ethos of this festival is that it's almost going to be the St. Louis art scene as a microcosm in one weekend," says Boland. "That's the main goal."

"There will be no profit turned on our end. It will only go toward making it better next year. No one's making any money except bands and local businesses," adds Herr. "That said, people should not be weirded out if I walk up to them on the street and ask them to volunteer for this."

Pü Fest will take place September 6 and 7 under one roof at a yet-to-be-disclosed all-ages space in south city. A kickoff show will be held on September 5. Tickets are available at Apop Records and cost $20 for a one-day pass and $30 for a weekend pass. Look for a Kickstarter to donate and pick up incentives. Keep an eye on the street for posters by different local artists, and mark your calendar for July 3 and July 25, when special Pü Fest fundraiser shows will be held at Schlafly Tap Room.

Click through to see the complete Pü Fest line-up.

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