Six Reasons People Want to Have Sex with Musicians

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Joshua Todd
Just kidding. Nobody wants to have sex with the guy from Buckcherry.

4. Other People Might Want Them

When you find out someone finds someone else irresistible, you instantly start to picture the recipient's genitals wearing a pair of dark sunglasses with a pubic-hair pompadour. Is it a perverse biological urge that does it, or has the media trained us all to fall in love with the idea of conflict? Either way, being a musician is a numbers game. Musicians are in front of more people, so there's a better chance they have of someone falling in love with them from afar. And as one falls, they all fall.

Manuel Lino
Actually, people would probably want to have sex with Peter Steele regardless. Because he rules.

3. Music Is Kind Of Cool or Something

OK, let's acknowledge for a moment that there are actually people out there who are legitimately into music, intellectually and socially, and have an innate desire to connect with it on any level. This means that naturally, they'll be attracted to people who are involved with their real true love: a bunch of stupid art. As such, they end up with all the stupids that come with it.

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