Six Rules For Sharing a Practice Space

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3. Leave The Practice Space Door Open

It's important that people get a chance to hear what it's like when some of the greatest and most important musicians of all time take up the craft. Everyone knows how hard it is to start playing a new instrument, so you're basically being a spiritual leader of sorts by leaving the door open as you learn how to drum to Metallica's "Enter Sandman." Always, always leave the practice space door open to give people a raw glimpse into the unflinching reality of true art.


2. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Being in a practice space is like being in a mini-festival, only with 30 different bands on 30 different stages, all playing at once. It's a dream come true, since each and every person is at the space to relax, have fun and let their creativity simmer and boil. Whenever you see someone, introduce yourself and take as much time as you need to learn about who they are, what band they're in and how you can get involved in it for your own personal gain. From there, if you happen to hear one of your new best friends practicing as you walk by their door, you can just invite yourself in! You can probably drink some (but not all) of their beer and maybe even give them some perspective by offering your input and suggestions on how they should be writing and playing their music.

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1. It's OK To Live There

Art is, like, supposed to be free and stuff. There's already a couch in there, and someone always buys toilet paper, soap and water for the bathroom. And you can't stay in the van because it's full of all the stuff you're borrowing from your last roommate. You know, that guy who asked you to leave after you drank a liter of Old Crow and tried painting the bathroom with peanut butter to impress that earthy girl from your performance-art class. Don't worry about all the fire codes and liabilities of living in an insulated-electrical-octopus-death-trap dump. Sometimes other people just have to make sacrifices in order for you to get what you want.

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