The 2014 Best Music Photographer in St. Louis is...

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Todd Morgan
Scott Ian of Anthrax
Hundreds of nominations, an expert panel and more than 1,000 votes later, we've now determined the best music photographer in St. Louis, as chosen by you, the reader. Throughout this process, we've gotten to know some of the folks capturing live music in our city and have been introduced to some we were previously unaware of.

And now, the best music photographer in St. Louis is:

Todd Morgan
-Five of his best photos and a Q&A
-His website,

Congratulations as well to our runner-up, Steve Truesdell, as well as all the rest of the nominees.

See the profiles for all the finalists:
-Finalist Profile: Ben Fournier
-Finalist Profile: Abby Gillardi
-Finalist Profile: Jon Gitchoff
-Finalist Profile: Christian Mayberry
-Finalist Profile: Todd Morgan
-Finalist Profile: Jason Stoff
-Finalist profile: Bryan Sutter
-Finalist profile: Steve Truesdell
-Finalist Profile: Kenny Williamson


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Yay for you, I love lookin for your photos after a concert, you have great shots! Good Work! You deserve this!

Todd Morgan
Todd Morgan

Thank you very much Riverfront Times, this really means a lot to me. Every name on that list are amazing photographers and it's an honor to be named along with them. Any of us deserve the win, I'm just fortunate to have a lot of friends that voted. Thank you again!

Angela Vincent
Angela Vincent

Yay Todd!!! Congrats, its is very much deserved :)

Lance Lingle
Lance Lingle

Congrats to Todd. A great photographer and from the few interactions I have had with him a super nice dude.


Classy response.  Congratulations.

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