Things Outkast Is Cooler Than: The Complete List

Being Cool (a.k.a. "Ice Cold")

Song: "Hey Ya!"

To be "cooler than being cool" is defined by Andre 3000 as to be "ice cold," which follows logically given that "cold" is considered to be of cooler temperature than simply "cool." The additional descriptor "ice" drives the point home further, being that the freezing temperature necessary for water to become ice is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which many would agree is pretty cold.

Not Outkast, though.

Most Players Claim To Be

Song: "Two Dope Boyz in a Cadillac"

A player, in this sense, is defined as one who is successful with the ladies, often characterized by his stylish manner of dress and calm, collected way about him. Most players would self-identify as "cool."

In 1996's "Two Dope Boyz in a Cadillac," Big Boi asserts that he is even cooler than the level of cool that these players claim.

Anti-Freeze Defrost on Your Window Pane

Song: "Hollywood Divorce"

This actually doesn't make any sense, and you can thank Lil Wayne for that. He utters this line during his feature for the Outkast song "Hollywood Divorce."

The pieces are all there, but they are in the wrong order. Anti-freeze actually lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid, and is not itself especially cool. Also it is not common for people to pour antifreeze all over their windshields; the chemical additive is most often used in the radiator.

So even though this is Lil Wayne nonsense talk, Outkast is still cooler than whatever it is.

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