Things Outkast Is Cooler Than: The Complete List

All Other Motherfunkers on the Planet

Song: "So Fresh, So Clean"

It is unclear what a "motherfunker" is, as the term is without accepted definition in the dictionary. But in this song, released in 2000, Andre 3000 claims that he and Big Boi are "the coolest motherfunkers on the planet," which means that the two of them are thereby cooler than any other motherfunker that exists on Earth. Whatever that means.

All Other Individuals on the Planet

Song: "Bust"

Three years later, as if its members understood that this situation warranted clarification, Outkast released this song, with the line "Some of the coolest individuals on the planet, we said." It would appear, based on this information, that a motherfunker = an individual, which would mean that Outkast is asserting itself to be cooler than any individual on Earth.

A Polar Bear's Toenails (Still)

Song: "D.F. (Interlude)"

As explained at this article's outset, a polar bear's toenails are exceptionally cool, even cold, but OutKast is cooler than them. In this interlude from 2000's Stankonia, Big Boi reminds his audience that he is, in fact, "still cooler than a polar bear's toenails." As if there was ever any doubt.

Outkast will perform at LouFest this year, held in Forest Park on September 6 and 7. You would be a fool not to attend.


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