The Ten Best Concerts in St. Louis This Weekend: May 23 to 25

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Riff Raff - Friday, May 23 @ The Ready Room.
RFT Music will take a break this upcoming Memorial Day Monday. Here's a list of ways to make the most of the extended weekend, including a couple of ways to score some barbecue alongside live tunes. Eels play the Sheldon, local artists Mario Pascal and Lobby Boxer drop new releases, Bluesweek Festival happens in Chesterfield and more. Read on for our recommendations.

Friday (May 23):

w/ Chelsea Wolfe
@ The Sheldon
8 p.m. | $31-$36
If you haven't seen it yet, you should watch this hilarious Funny or Die video featuring the Eels as fronted by Jim Carrey, who incidentally does a mean Charlton Heston impression. (DH)

Mario Pascal EP Release
@ Kranzberg Arts Center
7:30 p.m. | $10
Releasing a new EP at this show! For fans of reggae fusion, God. (DH)

Riff Raff
w/ Davo Fly, Kid Quill
@ The Ready Room
8 p.m. | $20-$25
I shouldn't have to sell this one to you. Just go. You will absolutely not be disappointed. But if you need further convincing, maybe check out this recently released video for "How To Be the Man" from his upcoming Neon Icon album. (DH)

Lobby Boxer CD Release
w/ Volcanoes, All My Vices
@ Foam
9 p.m. | $5
Local band Lobby Boxer plays poppy emo-punk. Get a preview of its new self-titled album on Bandcamp, available on CD with admission. Fellow rockers Volcanoes and All My Vices fill out the bill. (MS)

Also on Friday, check out a couple of great local shows: Illphonics at Plush and Dave Stone Trio at Mangia Italiano.

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Eric Holley
Eric Holley

We need a club like Mississippi nights again we need real talent back in the Lou

Joshua Fournier
Joshua Fournier

Did anyone tell him he's not allowed in Ballpark Village?

Tim Graham
Tim Graham

10 best concerts in town. This goof ball made the list because there are only 10 concerts in town this weekend.

Sean Lee
Sean Lee

he is a lame ass. fuck him

Bob McCollum
Bob McCollum

I can't wait for riff raff! Just imagine how fun that is going to be


Pork Shop is Saurday not Sunday, right?

Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas

all i need to know about him is that picture......just another wanna be kneegrow

Crook Costello
Crook Costello

Dear haters on this post.. Ur turds, nobody cares what u think.. Ima be in that deal #WasteyPants

kangoids topcommenter

Motel Mirrors at Stagger Inn in Edwardsville on Saturday.

J.P. Keith and Amy LaVere's side project, this stage will be crowded with talent! 

Jason Gerfers
Jason Gerfers

He better be talented looking like that! :-/

Tim Smythe
Tim Smythe

DOUCHE BAG. I hope the concert is free.

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