Beware of Fake Ass Gathering Tickets

Nate "Igor" Smith
Watch out, dear juggalos. There are some fake ass Gathering tickets going around, according to a press release from Psychopathic Records. And these fake ass tickets are being passed off and sold as the real thing by counterfeiters, much to the chagrin of those who shelled out hard-earned, real ass money for them.

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According to the release, "If you have a fake ass will NOT be let in." So it would be best to make sure yours are the real ass thing. Real ass Gathering tickets have six points of identification to prevent against duplication, not the least of which being the barcode, a real ass "optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached" that will only function properly on tickets with a "real ass" designation. Fake ass barcodes will not scan properly, leaving you our of a ticket, out of money and out on your very real ass in Ohio in late July.

Translated from French: "Beware these trifling ass counterfeiters with these fake ass tickets. Whack ass busters, the lot of 'em."

Here is that real ass press release, in full:

Beware of Fake Ass Gathering Tickets! Attention Juggalos! There are reports of some people selling counterfeit Gathering tickets. Be aware that ALL genuine Gathering tickets have SIX points of authentication (four of which CANNOT be duplicated), the main one being the barcode. All tickets will be scanned when you reach the gate-ANY COUNTERFEIT TICKETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! You should ONLY purchase your Gathering tickets and passes either from or from an official Down With the Clown store! If you have a fake ass will NOT be let in, so please don't let yourself be fooled-only buy them directly at or one our certified retailers.

Keep your eyes sharp, juggalos, and thereby keep it real. You have been warned!


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