Cardiac Arrest to Host Record Release Pub Crawl July 19

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It has been nearly seven years since the last Cardiac Arrest release. Why so long?

Cardiac Arrest went on autopilot for many reasons. It gets exhausting being responsible for all aspects of the band. I was getting burnt out, some band members moved away, everyone's schedules got tighter, I was dating someone who wasn't really into the whole band thing -- basically, life got in the way. Oh, and laziness. Laziness got in the way. Honestly, if it wasn't for James Whitlock and Static Circuit studio, this definitely wouldn't have happened. But here we are, in 2014, releasing songs mostly written six years ago, recorded two years ago and mixed a year ago. Truly our Chinese Democracy.

The album art for this LP is outstanding. How did it come about?

The album art came courtesy of Jeremy Baker. He deserves as much praise as you can give him. I came to him with the concept -- a veritable laundry list of demands -- and not only did he put up with my incessant micromanaging, he produced artwork that literally left me speechless. I'm a pretty renowned eater, and a sucker for really busy artwork, so I knew it had to involve things being shoveled into a mouth. And since Cardiac Arrest began as an attempt to get St. Louis on the hardcore map, it definitely needed to include a nod to our fair city and it's many, many problems. It will probably leave people asking me, "What's wrong with you?" more so than they already do.

Anything on this record going to finally dethrone "Old New"? That song seems to be a perennial audience favorite.

For the life of me I will never understand what people see in that song! It's alright, I guess. There are definitely a couple tunes on the new record that might make people forget that song for sure.

Last words?

We should have another record coming out in the fall in time for our Euro tour so be on the lookout. And as always, screw Flanders.


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