Every St. Louis Release: May 2014

This is pretty self-explanatory, really -- here you will find every musical project released in the St. Louis area in May 2014, listed in alphabetical order. There are links to information about the bands and places to buy these things as well as streaming previews wherever possible.

Note: We realize there are probably a few things we missed. If you know of an album, EP or compilation that came out last month, let us know in the comments and we'll amend this post.

If you'd like to have your release included in the June installment, or if you'd like to put an upcoming local release on our radar in general, e-mail us at music@riverfronttimes.com with "ATTN: St. Louis Release" in the subject line.

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The 3KNGZ - ELevaAlien

Purchase via Bandcamp

American Merlin - 2303

Purchase via Bandcamp

Barely Free - Skinny Swag Mixtape

Fill in the Blank profile

Purchase via Bandcamp

Brainstems - Cold Sweatin'

Purchase via Bandcamp

Brazil - Ghost Machine

Purchase via Bandcamp

Con Trails - Humid Head

Fill in the Blank profile

Download via Bandcamp

Laika - Live At Home

Fill in the Blank profile

Purchase via Bandcamp

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