Humdrum Launches Hilarious Smear Campaign Against RFT Music Awards Nominees

Next, Humdrum accused Aquitaine of forfeiting its "indie" categorization because of suspicious corporate sponsorship. We always wondered if Walmart and the devil had favorite St. Louis bands:

But that wasn't all! Though not nominated, Kid Scientist was enough of a write-in threat to warrant an attack from Humdrum:

"We were mostly looking for two things," Meehan says. "One, we wanted a lot of people to watch the videos and think they were funny. This seems to have worked -- we've gotten more views and shares of these than any other stuff we've posted. And two, we were hoping that the other acts would make their own retaliation attacks against us, which also worked a couple times."

Kid Scientist was one of the bands that stood up to Humdrum's assaults, happy to play dirty and return the volley.

"When a bee stings you, you don't just take it," says Joe Taylor, who does piano, synth and vocals for Kid Scientist. "You grab it, stomp on it multiple times, then rub its unique pheromones all over your body to sneak into its hive undetected and steal its treasure."

In its attack, Kid Scientist reveals that Humdrum has a piss-poor practice space that doesn't even offer catering service:

"We smeared them on our breakfast toasts," Taylor says. "It was hilarious and delicious."

This was exactly what Meehan had envisioned.

"We were hoping it would devolve into an epic battle of videos, Photoshopped images and posters," Meehan says. "All of the bands are our friends, so we felt no shame in spinning a web of lies about them."

The video war has left a lot of dead bodies around St. Louis, but has it been enough? And will it inspire an even dirtier battle during next year's voting? Find out during tonight's RFT Music Awards ceremony and party at Atomic Cowboy. The fun runs 7 to 10 p.m. with live entertainment, and the event is free and open to the public. Get the scoop here.


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