Last in the American League CD/Book Compilation Combines St. Louis' Artistic and Musical Talents

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But local musicians and artists aren't the only ones behind the excitement for the region's creative revival, which is why the group is turning to local studios, producers, galleries and distributors to help make Last in the American League a reality.

"We want to spread out the work to as many St. Louis companies as possible," Crittenden explains.

This entire project was born out of Crittenden's obsession with music compilations in his youth.

"You can look at those old Punk-O-Rama compilations and see how the punk and pop-punk scene progressed over the span of ten years," he says. "With Last in the American League and all these different musical genres and art mediums -- getting them into one melting pot -- you've got a stew going that represents today's St. Louis scenes."

The team is planning a fall release for Last in the American League and plans to sell the vinyl/book package in local shops for around $25. Each set will come with a download code so consumers can add the new music to their phones, computers or other listening devices. After expenses, proceeds will accumulate for future installments.

Crittenden sees the project as a way to further foster lasting collaborations among members of St. Louis' creative class.

"Hopefully in the future, there may be further collaborations between the artists and bands -- posters, T-shirts, art for an album cover or something like that."

Last in the American League will be presented at the Sunday, June 29, at 5 p.m.
at the installment of SLOUP, held at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. For updates, visit the group's Facebook page. Admission is $10.

Band/Artist pairings:

Armadillo -- Matthew Hunter Ström
Arthur and the Librarian -- Evan T. Smith
Bible Belt Sinners -- Susannah Lohr
Blackwater '64 -- James Louis Walker
The Defeated County -- Randy Lutz
Dots Not Feathers -- Zoë Scharf
The Educated Guess -- Becca Moore
iLLPHONiCS -- Matt Glenn
Kentucky Knife Fight -- Chelsea Ritter-Soronen
Letter To Memphis -- Brandon Arnold
Mvstermind Einstein -- Kevin Kelly
Ou Oú -- Mary Frances Foster
Palace -- Amelia Fawcett
SPEEDBOATS -- Amanda Yates
Swing Deville -- Leetah Nickel
Via Dove -- Tara Morton
Volcanoes -- Brian DePauli
Wildeyed -- Chiara Andriole


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