Local Artist Kevin Harris Presents As Unstable As This Friday At Kranzberg Arts Center

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The gallery section of AUA reflects a communal effort toward video and live performance art. Along with Harris and Eivins, expect visuals by way of Michael Meihaus, Wonder Koch, Brett Williams, Marianne Laury, Leanna Kaiser, Zachary Zimmerman and Cole Lu. In addition, Rick Wilson, Lara Dempsey and William Gass will perform as Perverted, a trio of psychological sound purveyors who will present what Harris loosely describes as a "cabaret." Finally, Dr. Mabuse, artistic co-director of HEARding Cats -- an experimental music collective based in St. Louis -- will join Eivins and Harris to end the night with a special performance involving "The Dome," Mabuse's own homemade sound synthesizer.
By using infared sensors to carefully track hand movements and an array of special controls to alter the current, the Dome produces sound by way of Mabuse's innovative circuit design. Meanwhile, Eivins and Harris will focus on a dual video presentation to accompany Mabuse's noise-addled wizardry.

"It has been very enjoyable arranging and refining this configuration. Some of the pieces generate light, others need illumination and some can't have too much light cast upon them. Trying to plan and consider how each piece will relate to the others has been challenging but fun."

As Unstable As - A Survey of Contemporary Electronic and Performance Art in St. Louis
7 p.m. Friday, June 6 at the Kranzberg Arts Center. 501 North Grand Boulevard. $7 to $10. 314-289-1523.


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