Rise Against to Play at the Pageant in September

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LeAnn Mueller
Chicago punk stalwarts Rise Against have just announced a show in St. Louis this September. The quartet will perform at the Pageant on September 23, with Radkey as openers. Tickets for the show will be $35 to $37.50, and will go on sale this Friday, June 27 at Ticketmaster.com.

In between working for its numerous social and political causes, Rise Against sometimes finds the time to actually release music. The band's hotly anticipated upcoming album, The Black Market, will be its first new material (aside from a b-sides and rarities compilation) since 2010's Endgame.

Here is an excerpt from Nick Lucchesi's review of the band's 2009 appearance outside Pop's:

"I want to make sure your voices echo across the Mississippi and into downtown!" And so went the "Heys!" -- the fist-pumping of a couple thousand Rise Against fans, shouting for social change during the Chicago punk band's set Saturday night. And if fans needed any reminder of their setting, the neon glow of P.T.'s and Dreamgirls signs was there to remind them, as well as probably lure in a few after the show ended about 10:30 p.m.

But wherever the setting, Rise Against singer Tim McIlrath never fails to get his fans appropriately charged, even if they're already shit-faced. Maybe it was the fact that the sun had went down, or the impressive stage show (all that smoke! and three spotlights!), but Rise Against's characteristically intense performance was what its fans have come to expect.

Listen to the band's latest song, "I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore," released just two weeks ago, below:


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