Six Obscure James Taylor Facts to Prepare You For His St. Louis Concert

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Sing, Sing a Song

Or sing two -- at once. That's what JT did when invited to sing the national anthem for Game 2 of the 2013 World Series at Fenway Park in Boston. Forgetting just why he was in Boston in the first place, Taylor launched into "America the Beautiful" with all the patriotic gusto he could muster. Admittedly, the smooth transition into the correct song -- the national anthem -- was a thing of beauty and should have become the latest dancehall mash-up, and would have if it wasn't, well, so folky.

Pluck You

While Taylor won't give interviews, he will teach you how to play guitar. Taylor offers free guitar lessons on his website, Here's your chance to get the finger picking/strumming worked out in addition to the words you already know and will being singing along with on Tuesday. Just don't question the man, OK?


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Jason M Parker
Jason M Parker

Will there be reformed hippies screwing under blankets like the old Days of Riverport?


Why all the JT hate ?  Has RFT gone crazy right and this crap is all about his support for Obama ? As far as luck having anything to do with his success that is crazy. His lyrics, chord changes and voice had everything to do with his decades of huge success. Hey, is this really fox news ?

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