Six Reasons to Take Your Band On Tour

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4. No One Cares About You

It's 2014. This means we have entire generations of people who listen to and adore music who have only consumed it by using the internet. Do you really expect people to find your Bandcamp out of 23,000 others just because you posted a few links on the Explosions In the Sky Facebook fan page?

There's this thing in the sales world that is constantly reiterated -- customers don't buy the product, they buy the person. And while it's lame to think of your band as a product, the same rule applies. Going out on the road, getting in front of people and playing every single set as hard as you can (even if it's for eight people) is the way to build a rewarding and loyal following. You may not ever get famous, but you'll at least experience that shamefully narcissistic feeling that you're "cool" -- even if it's only for a little while.

3. You Don't Really Know Your Band

Your bassist is a compulsive toenail chewer and your guitarist once had scurvy and believes in UFOs. Your drummer is deathly afraid of barn swallows. You and the keyboard player will punch each other in the face if you drink Ouzo together.

Like any relationship, most of us have a lot of practice at pretending we're not completely psychotic in the presence of people we care about. Going on tour forces you to storm into the inner sanctum of perversions and neuroses that lie within the people you've pledged to create art with. You'll either emerge from tour as supernatural allies or you'll come home and enroll in a religious college to become a youth minister.

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