The Best Comedy Shows in St. Louis: June 2014

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Comedy at the Fringe Festival
Grand Center and Locust Street
Various Dates, Showtimes and Ticket Prices

Also worth noting; Bare Knuckle Comedy is partnering with the Fringe Festival for their after-parites. The Executive Transvestites soirée will be Thursday, June 19, at Fubar followed by the Alice in Fringeland on Friday and the closing extravaganza Sunday night. Imagine if all of the local bands joined hands and decided the best way to approach marketing was to make it a team effort, as opposed to a competitive one. That's what is happening in the comedy community right now, and it truly is inspiring.

The must-see acts this year at the Fringe are the Creepy Basement Players, who have tagged their show with, "Never-to-be-seen-again improv comedy all started from your suggestion!" Plus, Daniel Shar is presenting "Lame and Fortune," an oral adventure through the imagined consequences of striving for wealth and fame. The World's Greatest Comedians, a crack squad of some of St. Louis' most charming and witty standup comedy writers and performers, will be making their debut at the festival as well.

Contraceptive Comedy
Goodbye to Erik Anker
Saturday, June 21, at Shameless Grounds
8 p.m. | Free

Erik Anker made his way to St. Louis by way of Denver and hit the ground running in the scene right away. He won the inaugural RFT Standup Throwdown in 2012 and has been actively producing and promoting comedy shows ever since. Now he's skipping town almost as quickly as he came. He's off to Boston at the end of the month and a proper sendoff is in order, so Shameless Grounds is giving him the stage for a one-night-only event.

Anker will be joined by a handful of the funniest comics working in St. Louis, who also happen to be a core group of individuals that are the driving force behind the flourishing standup community in our city. If "Group Hug" comedy isn't a thing yet, I'm coining it now.

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