The Best Comedy Shows in St. Louis: June 2014

Marc Maron
Wednesday, June 25, at the Firebird
9 p.m. | $25

Marc Maron is the reason every comedian thinks he or she should have a podcast. WTFPod is recorded in Maron's garage and gives WTF listeners the opportunity to became a fly on the wall to conversations with the biggest names in comedy. It began as a casual podcast with Marc and his comedy buddies but quickly grew to feature some of the most respected and notable working comics. He just recently hit the 500 episode mark and has opened the gates to writers, musicians and so on -- if you heard them on WTFPod, their voice has value in what ever market they claim.

The podcast is more or less an extension of Maron's standup. He is cynical and a bit dry, but the key to his humor is his forward approach and openness with his relationships, career and lifestyle. Chances are you're more familiar with his podcast than what he discusses onstage, but if you're into it there's no reason you wouldn't walk away from his show less than pleased and certainly entertained.


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