2014 Tony Awards: Hugh Jackman Raps with T.I., NPH Humps Kevin Bacon


The Tonys just piled on more evidence for Neil Patrick Harris' world domination -- something we'd gladly support. The current star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch was introduced by RuPaul, who looked dashing in a satin magenta tux jacket:

But of course the main attraction was our former Doogie, who won the Tony for best actor in a musical. Tarted up in mega makeup, a long blonde wig and a tiny dress, Harris happily lost himself in his role as a transgender singer, leaping into the audience to air-hump the stars ("It's like a car wash," he told audience members), give Samuel L. Jackson's glasses a little tongue action and shimmy in Kevin Bacon's lap.

And then NPH finished up his performance with a quick kiss to his husband David Burtka, who was in the audience. Later, when he accepted his best actor award, Harris said the Tonys experience was "crazypants."

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Sting composed his first Broadway musical in The Last Ship, which debuts this summer, so of course he previewed the event on the Tonys with a performance of the title song. We're not going to post it here, because it was unbelievably boring. Instead, we'll share this Vine of Sting clapping like a seal in response to something Hugh Jackman said:

By the way, Harris air-humped Sting:

Not everything was ridiculous, though. When it came to "wow" factor, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Fantasia Barrino opened the show with a rousing medley from After Midnight, Disney proved its dedication to musical theatre with "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin and the legendary Carole King sang with Jessie Mueller, who portrays the singer-songwriter in Beautiful: the Carole King Musical.


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