Tupac's Group the Outlawz to Perform in St. Louis for His Birthday

You guys have seemingly mastered the independent rap hustle. In hip-hop today, being "indie" seems to be a bit trendy. As an artist myself, I know this hasn't always been the case. Can you share with us some of the hardships and rewards of the indie-artist lifestyle?

There are no minuses in controling your own destiny.

Your crew has very strong roots in the East Coast despite some of your classic rivalries. Who would you consider your favorite East Coast rapper?

I don't have a "favorite," but there are many that I can appriciate. Shoutout to MOP, the whole BBC and R.I.P. Big Pun, Big L, B.I.G.

What are some social-justice issues that are important to you?

Police injustice and the systematic killing of black people at their hands.

I don't want to name any names or throw anyone under the bus, but every time a new rapper comes along and shocks the industry the media instantly compare this person to Tupac. I don't believe anyone can hold up to this comparison. How do you feel about this, and are there any rappers that remind you of Pac's energy?

His influence is paramount, but cats want to capture that energy. I haven't seen it authentically yet.


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