Kristeen Young Performs With Dave Grohl and Pat Smear on Late Late Show

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Screenshot from the video.
Native St. Louisan Kristeen Young, well-known for recently giving Morrissey a simply dreadful case of the common cold which caused Moz to cancel his entire tour (still an unbelievably flimsy excuse, brah), made her television debut this week -- and boy, was it a doozy.

Young performed on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, backed by no less than Dave Grohl and Pat Smear, of Foo Fighters fame.

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The song is called "Pearl of a Girl," a single off her latest, The Knife Shift, for which Grohl lent his talents to a variety of instruments. Grohl is also listed as a producer.

At press time we have heard no word of debilitating, performance-stopping sniffles out of Grohl or Smear, so it is probably safe to say at this point that Young is no longer a carrier. (Somebody go tell Morrissey it is safe to leave his hyperbaric chamber now. The danger has passed.)

Watch the entire energetic performance below:


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Matt James
Matt James

Of all the great music to come out of St. Louis, this gets on the Late Late Show. Ugh I don't get it.

Lee Collier
Lee Collier

She learned it all from Small Wonder

Jeff T Hall
Jeff T Hall

I had to look up the studio version if this song just to check. It wasn't my style but that doesn't mean it wasn't good....sounded great in the studio. That particular live performance was not good. Let's all keep in mind how difficult it is to sound bad when you are sharing the stage with Dave Grohl.

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