MU330's Dan Potthast Wants To Perform In Your Living Room

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Potthast's approach is a throwback to his DIY days, when he and his bands relied on the generosity of others to make it through a tour.

"What we did for years was stay at people's houses any chance we could because that would be the only way to afford enough gas to get to the next place. Even later during MU330 touring, we didn't really get hotels that much," Potthast says. "That's always been one of the more fun parts of touring -- meeting all the people on the road.

"I've done tours since then on tour buses, and don't get me wrong, I love it -- it's nice and comfortable. But I did find myself missing the connections to the fans and to people in general," Potthast says about what drove him to coordinate the current living room tour.

Even in his new home base of Santa Cruz, Potthast pushes the envelope when it comes to defining what "performance venue" means. With his ten-piece ska collective Dan P. and the Bricks, Potthast and friends have performed on downtown street corners with a piano, drum set, horn players and the works. Unfortunately, the city's laws don't agree with Potthast's methods.

"They've cracked down on street musicians and started giving out fines for playing without a permit, so we haven't done as much of that recently," Potthast says. "I hope they'll loosen up on the enforcement because I'd like to start doing that again. Every month, we'd raise a few hundred dollars for different charities, so I'd like to see them ease up and let us do our thing and start contributing to the community again."

The notion of always pursuing unconventional avenues seems to suit Potthast, whose latest album My Living Room was released in June on Asian Man Records. For his next tour, Potthast is considering making a bold kind of splash.

"I want to play on more boats, for sure. Anytime you get to play music and you're floating somewhere, it just feels like a really exciting event," Potthast says. "Maybe I could go to south Florida or the Caribbean."

Might we suggest rollin' on a river -- perhaps the mighty Mississippi?

"That would be really cool, too!" Potthast says. "Uh, and probably pretty dangerous."


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