No More Pain for Young Widows

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"I really set out to write lyrics that were more relatable to other people's lives rather than my own," Patterson continues. "And that's something I feel like I accomplished with Easy Pain. These are songs that I feel like I could play until the day I die."

Patterson has been successful with this endeavor, and Young Widows' audience has followed suit -- and, more importantly, grown with the band. The frontman says this is a product of the fans' like-minded attitude: "I would say that fans of our band read into the songs and the lyrical content. I think, sometimes, maybe people just like bands because they're heavy or because they're more of [entertainment]. But I think a lot of our fans in particular just relate to the whole package and they invest themselves in the music [rather than] just wanting to come out to see a heavy show or a metal or punk band. It's not necessarily gonna be a good time to see us play. The music's loud and pretty offensive."

It is, however, hitting a profound nerve in a significant amount of people for whom self-reflection is a higher priority than banal entertainment.

Young Widows is scheduled to perform at the Firebird this Saturday, July 5. Tickets are $12.


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