The Ten Biggest Douchebags In Country Music

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Jerrod Niemann
6. Jerrod Niemann
Niemann has never really done anything offensive, other than letting the awful rapper Pitbull remix his hit single "Drink to That All Night." Yet that lone act is so utterly douche-picable that it lands him squarely at No. 6.

Courtesy of the label
Taylor Swift

5. Taylor Swift
If any guy sang about their exes as maliciously and monotonously as Taylor does, they'd be sternly slapped with the "DB" brand. Infectious as her melodies are, everything about Swift seems contrived, and palling around with former Disney stars isn't helping her credibility.

Courtesy of the label
Kenny Chesney
4. Kenny Chesney
Hairless and Napoleonic with a big voice and hat to match, K-Chez has a seemingly limitless supply of muscle T's and songs about sand. The list of his 'baggy attributes is long, but they're niftily distilled in the video for "Come Over," where this Jimmy Buffett wannabe cements his status as the Puffy Combs of country.

Republic Nashville
Florida Georgia Line

3. Florida Georgia Line 
Its first song, "Cruise," was a sublime summer jam. But then the band went and recruited Nelly for the remix, copped Chesney's sleeveless look and enlisted Luke Bryan for the year's most insufferable single, "This Is How We Roll." Country plus rap typically equals crap, and these guys prove it.

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