St. Louis Rock Band Tilts Interviewed on Fox News

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Local classic-rock indebted quartet Tilts stopped by Fox News' studios to be interviewed on the channel's late night talk show Red Eye during the band's east coast tour. It turns out Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld is a big fan; he reached out to Tilts to appear on his show and promote its new album, Cuatro Hombres. "He just heard it somehow and loved it," writes guitarist Andy White. Gutfeld's enthusiasm is apparent in the clip, where he says Tilts' first album "was one of the best debuts ever."

Although it seems odd on a surface level that a band would be featured on the network, Gutfeld has interviewed musicians ranging from indie acts to superstars on his program, which is less focused on politics than Fox News' usual fare. Notable acts whose members have appeared include Devo, Electric Six, Fucked Up, 2 Live Crew, X and Creed.

Watch the interview below, where White and guitarist/singer Andrew Elstner discuss the band's origins, influences, favorite bands (White manages to work in a plug for local metal outfit Fister), and more.

Listen to and purchase Cuatro Hombres here:


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Robert Schwent Jr
Robert Schwent Jr

Andrew WK is on the panel fairly often as well. Greg, while pretty annoying, can be funny. It's not the worst show in the world and there's not much on during the replay of the show.

Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley

Don't forget Henry Rollins and Buzz Osborne.

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