MC Hammer Comes to Ferguson, Probably Fixes Everything

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Time traveler Rapper MC Hammer, best known for his 1990 hit "U Can't Touch This" (which is now 24 years old; Jesus Christ) took time out of his busy(?) schedule to visit Ferguson this week, meeting with Alderman Antonio French and attending the funeral services for Mike Brown. This adds to the growing list of rappers who have appeared on the scene -- J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Young Jeezy, Nelly, Tef Poe, Prince Ea and more have also been in the area in the past weeks.

Hammer took an interest quite early in the events in Ferguson. His first tweet, though factually inaccurate, was on August 10, the day after the shooting.

From that day forward, Hammer's Twitter page has been a flurry of activity as he tweeted and retweeted daily about the event.

Finally, the rapper came to the St. Louis area to witness the events himself, connecting with Antonio French, whom he had been retweeting for weeks.

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