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Ideally you would at LEAST have a typewriter, though I hear really good things about these "com-poo-ters" the kids are all using.
Do you have a passion for St. Louis music?

RFT Music is currently seeking writers to help us cover the vibrant music scene in St. Louis. In particular, we are looking for applicants that are able to report on news events -- beyond interviews with bands or reviews of shows (though these things will be part of the job as well).

For an example of what we mean by "news events," have a look at this excellent work done by Kris Wernowsky from back in March, addressing no-compete clause concerns with the recently approved Summer Rocks festivals. You'll notice that the story is multi-sourced, aggressively reported and free of bias.

Another prime example would be Mabel Suen's recent feature story on the closing of the Demo in Grove, and the area's residents that have taken issue with the noise.

If you have news chops and are interested in writing about St. Louis' music scene, please email me at daniel.hill@riverfronttimes.com with the subject line "RFT MUSIC FREELANCE WRITING." Be sure to include some samples of writing you have done, and a resume (if you have one -- if not, it is not a crisis).

Ideal candidates would be able to pitch their own stories in addition to receiving assignments, so please include some suggestions of things you would be interested in writing about if given the chance.

Lastly: Please remember that this is a freelance opportunity, and that you likely will not be getting super quit-your-day-job-rich off of this work. Our freelance pay is in line with the pay offered by others in the market at present.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Patrick Knox
Patrick Knox

Only if I can write (semi-intelligently) about Juggalo fest 2015.

Erin Moloney
Erin Moloney

Jason Gonulsen thought of you right away

Cody Bippen
Cody Bippen

I was a literature major in community college before I dropped out. I sure love music. I've heard it, played it, and even seen it a few wild times. The news is something I feel comfortable saying I hate. So long as I don't have to be on camera, wear a suit, or do that crazy fucking hair stuff those people do.. Or shave.. I'm interested. We could do a puppet with a little microphone doing it's reporting.. I'll voice over even though I sound like whiskey and menthol gargled razor blades and salt. Puppets are overdone. I hate that Dunham guy with the puppets and the mouth. Ugh. I wouldn't ever be doing reports on him would I? If so, deals off. There's already enough mediocrity and insanity in my life. No puppets. That was a bad idea. Enough people will understand madness in print, will they not?

Victoria Warmaster
Victoria Warmaster

only if this gig pays. i'm a struggling artiste. eating maruchan ramen is gonna kill me :P i'm glad that i can even purchase ramen!

Ben Stein
Ben Stein

"Must have obsessive fascination with Juggalos."

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