St. Louis Duo Letter to Memphis Release Debut LP at the prestigious Sheldon Concert Hall

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"When she picked it up, it only took her maybe two weeks to be able to play blues changes with dominant seventh chords in all twelve keys," Starks shares. "It was that quick for her."

"It was just something that I hadn't experienced before, but it felt really right. It just felt like what I should be doing," Cahill says. "And now I've been writing songs on it and songs on the guitar, and it's awesome."

Starks and Cahill are adamant about understanding their place in the world at this moment, which became the theme for Phases.

"Yeah, I want to get people dancing and make them happy, but I also want to get them thinking about things," Cahill says. "I have issues with living in the past or worrying about the future. So it's just about being present -- that all the phases we go through bring us to where we are."

"And each of those parts of life contributes to your present self," Starks adds. "A lot of the images and themes we've explored are things people can relate to, and that's what we want you to walk away with: Look at your own experience in a different way and feel good about yourself."

The pair agree on many things, but one that is key is that the life events bringing Starks and Cahill to Letter to Memphis' present state have been priceless.

"It's been a total adventure. When we started, we had no idea that we would really be a band. We were fucking around, enjoying ourselves in the living room, learning 'Wild Horses,'" Cahill says. "We had no idea it would turn into writing and recording an album and playing the Sheldon Concert Hall. And now, it's all I can think about.

"I'm in love with being a musician. It's amazing."


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